Requiem for a Dream

A remembrance, a funeral, or mourning. For my dreams and the journey home or story they all allude to. And my own dream now lost.

Mixed with the reality that gave birth to them and played out in the surreal it is a storey told through six progressions from a beginning to end, all having meaning as representations of a significant point along this journey.

It's a goodbye, and a celebration of leaving behind, potential, future, unburdening and happiness. A journey from innocence to absence to presence.

Like earlier work ‘Requiem for a Dream’ is about loss, longing, isolation, home and more importantly, the human condition. It is also about hope and beauty explored through the ‘periphery’ between real and surreal, conscious and unconscious, night & day, and presence & absence.

The Expulsion of Innocence

The Lamentation

The Adoration of Distraction

The World at Bay

Transcending into a new Reality

The Annunciation of the Journey

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