I left Melbourne in winter. When my clothes weren’t wet from sweat, heat and humidity here in Tokyo, it was teeming rain, storming and possible typhoons & hurricanes.

Although I know Tokyo and can get what I need, I can’t communicate beyond a basic level, know nobody and feel isolated and lonely. My life in a microcosm. Having lost most of my family, being single and having none of my own, constantly moving Cities, States…Countries, ’finding’ temporary homes quickly and wherever I can, my idea of ‘home’ or permanence has been so fractured, confused. Tokyo, constantly rebuilding itself, is full of fractured lives, people living in fear of the future or under threat. It is the most ‘impermanent’ city I know.

Impermanence, loss, loneliness, longing and most importantly, the human condition. An endless search for meaning and ‘home’. The endless summer.

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