Greening the City Scaffold Wrap, 2021, Digital Photographic image on Building Elevation, scale 1:300 @  38.47x 78.04m

Greening the City, 2021, Digital Photographic Image, scaled to fit 38.47 x 78.04m

Greening the City Montage, 2021, Digital Photographic Image on site photograhic image

Prospect Oval entry (in collaboration with Joshua Searson), 2017, thermosplastic laser cut melted into new roadway, 10 x 5m, Prospect, SA

Rose St (Palace) Cinema walkway design (In collaboration with Joshua Searson), 2017, To be installed in road in thermoplastic. 22 x 6m, Prospect, SA

Magill Road, 2014, Aerosol freehand mural, 3 x 10m, Adelaide, SA

Marden Senior College, 2014, Aerosol stencilled mural, 3.5 x 7.5m, Adelaide, SA

Prospect Road / Prospect City Council (In collaboration with Joshua Smith), 2016, Aerosol and acrylic stencilled mural, 2 x 2.4m Adelaide, SA

Surfer's Panel Van, 2015, Installation - Brighton Classic Sculptures, approx 1.5 x 1.8 x 2.4m, Brighton, SA

Mermaid on the Beach (In collaboration with Christophe Domergue), 2014,  Installation - Brighton Classic Sculptures, approx 500 x 1500 x 300mm, Brighton, SA

Lunacy (In collaboration with Christophe Domergue), 2014, Installation - Brighton Classic Sculptures, 1.7 x 3.6 x .5m, Brighton, SA

Ceiling Canopy, 2012, Cardboard tubes, bicycle wheels & desk lights, 2.1 x 3.5m,  1:1 Event, Sydney, NSW

1:1 Event Adelaide 2015,  Front page cover: Adelaide Review: 1:1 Event Adelaide 2014 Entrance statement, 2015, Adelaide, SA

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