‘All I want for Christmas…’ was conceived whilst searching for meaning on the Queen’s Birthday holiday. What concerns me is the superficiality of the holiday occasions and the meaninglessness of their symbolism. 

Creating a perspective by way of deconstructive montage and humour reflects how the holidays signify a contemporary, mass consumerist society. One that excludes many, which has led to these occasions being traumatic and alienating. And expectations many more find hard to live up to.

The project acknowledges the power of politics and marketing to ‘reposition’ the holidays away from their origins or negative associations. To keep them alive and profitable. The same symbols and images that pervade our lives are combined along with my own shot and performed responses. Parodying what the holidays are ‘selling’ through their own iconography. My aim is to position ‘The Holidays’ in reality. 

Change the Date, 2020, Digital photograph

Thank God it's Friday, 2020, Digital photograph

Christmas is Awful, 2020, Digital photograph

Happy New Year, 2020, Digital photograph

God Save the Queen, 2020, Digital photograph

Happy Easter, 2020, Digital photograph

Are you ready for Boxing Day?, 2020, Digital photograph

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